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 Okay. I'm doing commissions, it's pretty official, coz I need money to buy something I really want and I don't wanna ask my mum for money coz well economy is getting tough out there :/

Commission prices:

Sketch - 5€
example - [link]

Simple drawing (without shading or background) - 8€

Simple drawing with shading (without background) - 10€
example - [link]

Simple drawing with simple background (without shading) - 10€
example - [link]

Drawing with shading and simple background - 15€
example - [link]

Send me a note and we will discuss it.

PS: I can draw pretty much anything, dogs, cats, birds, horses, ... (and maybe humans...idk)
TVD: Delena

Fanfic - Enough (Damon/Elena)

Not my first fanfic, but my second english fanfic (so I'm sorry for ANY english mistakes, which btw must be many). Easy on me okey guys? <3

Title: Enough
Author: [info]ryuno
Pairing: Damon/Elena
Rating: M (for the language and sex) (I'm not sure though, I'm not used to rating, so if anyone could explain me, I would apreciate alot)
Spoilers: Season 2
Summary: Damon is there for Elena, but is that enough?



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TVD: Delena


My poodle Kika died yesterday :/  After 7 years of life she died... one of the worst days of my life I tell you...

Its so weird not seeing her running all over the house, not hearing her happy barking when someone returns home,. not seeing her bed in the place it was supposed to be :/ weird.

( last picture I took her, a couple days before she died)
I just hope she is in a better place now <3
RIP Kika <3

TVD: Delena

All seasons in one single say...

Vacations are fantastic rite? They so sunny and why doesn't stop raining here? XD damn it lol Like we say here in Azores "On Azores in one single day you will have all  the seasons..." true story! It rains, then stops, then it rains again, then theres sun, then starts raining again XDXD complicated weather lol

I just spend today drawing and watching movies like Happy Feet lol and The Lion King XDXD so you can see I was lazy today, very actually.

Yesterday I saw Ice Age 3 : D finally!

It was nice, funny but still not as funny as the first two. I loved the animation on that movie, it looked so awesome ;3;  its great to see that from the first movie to the third they evolved so much in the tecniques of the antimation, the details, the fur, etc.
Oh my gosh I adored the three little dinasours, they were so lovely. I just wanted to take them home ( which would probably be a bad idea lol ).

Anyway other topic. I'm so jealous that everyone is getting to see Harry Potter tomorrow (some today) at midnight D: I'll have to wait till it gets to here, which will take about 1 or 2 yeah very jeaouls. But I know I won't take the waiting and I'll get the movie some way ( yeah that way u.u ) though I already decided with some friends to go watch it when it cames here ;D

Now I have to finish a reference for a character i've been working on, so bye!
TVD: Delena

"Do you know your enemy?"

God I love that freaking music, kinda repetitive but I love it.

Anyway I was boring so I was like "Hey I'm going to post some pointless entry in LJ! :D"

And I'm done here! lol Oh btw I'm working in some new icons (many David/Neil *fangirling*)so hopefully I'll post them "soon" haha.

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TVD: Delena


Wow! Okey first of all, don't be too mean for me, these are the first icons I ever post here. Some are old, others new, some I love, others kinda xD. 

HIMYM and Friends.


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